Production Services

Turn-Key or Customer-Supplied

We collaborate with both In-House and Customer-Supplied formulations, upholding adherence to safety label regulations and safeguarding brand confidentiality. Our in-house testing encompasses thermal, fragrance, and wick assessments to ensure the highest quality end product.

Quality First

Adherence to Industry Standards

With a collaborative team approach, we ensure quality at every step to deliver the highest standard product. Our industry-leading experience is reflected in our adherence to ASTM testing methods, design expertise, and stringent quality control protocols.

As a candle manufacturer for medium to large businesses, GlobalTech Candle has developed a streamlined process to maximize production capacity while focusing on the fine details and challenges of modern production.

Amazing Scents

Aromatic Mastery

With expert chemists and our in-house lab working diligently to create a blend of fragrances and wax that are compelling with long-lasting scents, we ensure each combination complements the aesthetic of your brand.

Innovative Designs

Beyond the Flame

Our design team is dedicated to transforming your design vision into reality. Whether it's contemporary or rustic aesthetics, we meticulously create candles that not only emit captivating fragrances but also function as exquisite pieces of visual art.

Detail-Oriented Production

Custom Solutions & Safety Focus

Much of our attention to detail includes use of Customer Provided or In-House formulas, Safety Label Compliance, Confidential Brand Propriety Agreements, In-House Developmental Testing, Color Laboratory and Fragrance Chemist, Shatter Heat Thermal Testing, Extensive Burn Tests, Fragrance and Wick Testing, Non-Petroleum Based Food Grade Wax and numerous production tests.

Comprehensive Craftsmanship

Safety & Customization

We offer both Customer-Provided and In-House formulas, complying with safety label regulations and maintaining brand confidentiality. Our in-house testing includes thermal, fragrance, and wick evaluations to guarantee the best end product.

Production Development

From selecting the right materials to achieving the perfect hue, our team offers comprehensive component sourcing and Pantone color development services to assist you every step of the way, ensuring your product transitions seamlessly from concept to shelf.

Product Development

Component Sourcing Assistance
Pantone Color Development

Quality Control

Pre-production, Production and
Post-Production Inspections
for Final Verification

ASTM Testing & Sampling

Glass & Container Safety Testing
ASTM Burn Testing Standards
Customer Samples Before Production
NO Metal Core Wicks

Made In America

Supporting the rural local community,
our manufacturing facility and
headquarters are located in
Cornelia, Georgia USA.

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418 Highway 441 Business, Cornelia, GA 30531



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