Science & Safety

The science and safety behind candle manufacturing extends beyond just pouring wax and placing a wick. With consumer safety being paramount, we invest in years of scientific research for every product. Working directly with the National Candle Association and adhering to ASTM standards, we actively educate our clients on the latest safety guidelines in the industry.

Botanical Risks

Caution in Combustion

Placing natural or fabric botanical materials near the flame of a burning candle can cause combustion. Despite this risk, some hobbyists or small manufacturers continue this practice, putting consumers in danger. It is strongly advised not to place any combustible material in the burn pool of a candle.

Fragrance & Glass Safety

Ensuring Secure Burns

Improper handling of highly flammable fragrance oils, including essential oils, during the addition to wax can lead to flashovers on the candle's surface. In addition, pooling of fragrance oils inside the candle can create pockets of oil that may combust during consumer use. 

Not all glass is suitable for use as a candle container. Glass that is not designed to withstand high temperatures can break when exposed to the heat of a burning wick. To ensure safety, candle glass should undergo proper annealing, a process that relieves internal stresses introduced during manufacturing. The current trend is to recycle candle containers for other purposes in the home after they have been fully burned.

Wick Wisdom

Precision in Every Flame

The choice of wick significantly impacts the burn of a candle. Improper wick selection can result in incomplete wax melting or a flame that is too high. Matching the ideal wick composition and size in addition to the candle wax and fragrance formula requires thorough testing for each batch before production begins. 

Properly centering single-wick and multi-wick placement is crucial for ensuring the safe burning of a candle. Our team pays meticulous attention to these key details, among others, to deliver orders with the highest level of quality control and consumer safety.

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